Leadership coaching for charities and business that know they want better results 

Marcus Green, who is the Green in Bowbridge Green, set up the company to make charities work better. 
This is where I’m coming from... 
CEO’s need an honest partner. I’m more candid than your spouse because I’ve no vested interest. One client said “We do enjoy our monthly visit from the headmaster!” 
I stand firmly with you. We meet regularly and in between times we are available at all reasonable hours. Ask the CEO who one Saturday panicked about a speech they were giving the next day. We sorted them out and they went down a storm. 
I am made from the same stuff as you. I’m a part time charity CEO of Action on Pre-eclampsia, I’ve been in the sector for all my life, I’ve been a CEO for much of it. 
I’m unshakable I’ve seen the best and worst of this sector. I’ve set up charities, I’ve seeded new programmes and seen everything that can go right and wrong in charities. I’ve done all night board meetings trying to broker a solution when things were going wrong. 
I’m completely driven by your success. Your success as CEO will bring success to your organisation. I will push you further than you believe possible. I am relentless in helping you be the finest leader you can be. 
I’ve made every mistake known to man. I’ve learned the hard way; my job is to stop you from doing the same thing. 
I’m flexible. We meet every month, that keeps you on your toes, but when you need more from me, for example, recruiting a new leader, strategy setting, away days, managing change, theory of change, mergers then I’ll step up and do some more. 
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