Coaching and mentoring for the senior team 

We work mainly with CEO’s or under their direction, we meet monthly and keep in touch between times, we are focussed on the changes you need to make to improve performance and develop the solutions. 
A client came to us, she had been glass ceilinged in her organisation, she was finance manager, we coached her in survival and resilience until she decided it was time to move and then coached her into her new role. 
She is now finance director of a £1bn turnover business. 

Strategic Planning 

The CEO of a £4m turnover charity needed help with positioning values at the heart of the charity. 
We worked across the organisation to recognise and define their values, negotiated what they meant and implemented them through the organisation as lived values and not just buzzwords. 

Rebuilding when things go really, really badly wrong 

When the perfect storm hits, we sort you out. 
A charity board had collapsed and was within hours of reporting itself to the Charity Commission. We went in, negotiated a way through for the remaining trustees, helped recruit a new board and empowered the CEO to develop the organisation and take it to calm waters where it could rebuild. 
The CEO of a charity had become dysfunctional and the board had become disengaged, staff were needless to say, demotivated. We went in identified the immediate vulnerabilities, sorted those out and rebuilt the charity including removing the CEO, strengthening the offer that the charity gave and developing new ways of working. 
Away Days and Facilitation 
Let’s breathe 
Away days are great, we love facilitating them, our work starts months before aligning everything, it’s like an orchestra and the away day itself draws together the evidence gathered and makes decision making easy. It’s never a blank sheet of paper. 
A charity which had been through the mill was looking for it’s future direction. We engaged with staff, trustees and supporters in the run up to get their perspectives. The highly professional board and staff worked with the evidence to build to where they wanted to get to. 
We use a variety of techniques including theory of change to challenge you, develop you and then make sure you are on the right track. 
Leadership Recruitment 
We work with you to manage the whole process and believe onboarding starts with the recruitment pack. We develop that, get it in front of the best candidates, we sift their applications, do the initial screening, feedback with a shortlist, carry them and you through interview, negotiate with the successful candidate and see them through their induction process. 
The day the CEO resigned, the chair of trustees was in touch. I met with the board the next day to stop them panicking, we ran the whole campaign and successfully delivered a senior leader as CEO, this was delivered so quickly there was even a seamless handover. 
Growth Planning 
Marcus is an accredited GAINS growth coach with the University of Gloucestershire and is uniquely placed to help Gloucestershire charities access funding for this programme. 
This programme offers: 
Full Diagnostic and development of a bespoke Action Plan 
24 hours of coaching against identified business challenges resulting in business growth. 
1 day equivalent of academic / student placement 
Access to up to 5 x masterclasses. 
If you are interested in this highly subsidised programme, please get in touch. 
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